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When I purchased my Raven, DG threw in a maintenance set of filters/spark plug

1) spark plug, torch f7... (stated in manual) but f6 can be used (DG confirmed)
2) 1 qt 10w-30 oil. I prefer synthetic
3) there is oil separator/filter
4) there is fuel filter
5) Air filter/element
6) stabil at every fill up They even give you a rebate coupon)

Other items I think is important.

1) Turtle wax ice wax spray, which doesn't turn the plastic white and can be pretty much on the entire machine
2) Electric leaf blower/vac../ finish mowing switch to generator and clean off the machine
3) small piece of wood/pry bar to lift the deck maybe an inch when reconnecting the deck on a hard surface or 1x3 for lifting on the grass.